What are ViaMichelin SOAP API?

ViaMichelin SOAP API form a solution allowing you to access advanced geocentric functions using an XML (SOAP) interface. It is thus possible to integrate these services into your applications irrespective of the development platforms used (Java, .Net, etc).

ViaMichelin SOAP API become flexible and can be parameterised according to your needs.

What are the advantages of ViaMichelin SOAP API ?

ViaMichelin SOAP API allow any company to integrate quality geographical services and content without investing in expensive data requiring specific skills in cartography. Without branching out your activities, the contents can be integrated into your professional applications. ViaMichelin takes care of all the updates, and gives optimal access to its data.

What geographical area is covered and how often is the information updated?

Our data covers 42 European countries and North America and is updated twice a year. The itinerary calculation engine contains 5 millions miles of roads in Europe et 10 millions miles in North America and is updated monthly. Other events such as road closures, bottlenecks, and road works are updated on a daily basis.

Can I evaluate ViaMichelin SOAP API?

Yes. ViaMichelin provides you with an evaluation version of its Web Services you can download on our website. This evaluation version consists of a downloadable SDK and an evaluation account.

For further details on ViaMichelin SOAP API evaluation, see next item.

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How can I evaluate ViaMichelin SOAP API ?

It's easy. Just point your browser to our ViaMichelin SOAP API website at , and follow three simple steps.

1. Download our ViaMichelin SOAP SDK.

2. Register yourself on the website and accept the conditions of use for the evaluation accounts.

3. You will be sent an e-mail with all the parameters you will need to access the ViaMichelin SOAP API. These evaluation accounts are limited in the number of treatments (1000).

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Which service can I evaluate?

Once you have obtained the authentication parameters, you can evaluate our Web Services within the limits of specified treatments (1000).

Is a treatment equivalent to a request?

No, but a request (invoking a Web Service) can involve several treatments. As an example, theGeocoding Web Service allows you to carry out several geocoding treatments in only one request. ViaMichelin does not count the number of requests, but the number of treatments actually carried out.

Is there a way of monitoring my consumption?

Paying clients can monitor their consumption in numbers of treatments, per service per day. Monitoring is carried out using an online administration tool provided by ViaMichelin.

What happens once the 1000-treatment limit is reached?

With an evaluation account, once the limited number of treatments is reached, each attempt to invoke a VIAMICHELIN SOAP API Service will receive a SOAP fault type message.

What is a Web Service?

A Web service can be defined as part of software that may be accessed through the Internet. To put it simply, a Web Service may be considered as a set of useful functions that may be accessed through an URL and called from a programme.

What is SOAP?

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is a RPC protocol (Remote Procedure Call) allowing remote calling of object methods. This protocol is based on XML (text) for message structure and HTTP for transport (although it may be used with other transport protocols). This makes it very portable and interoperable. SOAP is made up of three parts:

  • The envelope, which defines the structure of the message,
  • Encoding rules, which define the encoding mechanism for the types of data exchanged and
  • The RPC representation, which defines the convention for representing calls for procedures and responses.

Are there any examples of SOAP requests?

In the SDK (ViaMichelin_WS_SDK\Documentation\UserGuide) and on our Website, you will find an example of request and the corresponding SOAP response for each VIAMICHELIN SOAP API Service.

Is it possible to trace SOAP requests?

There are many tools, both free and purchased, which allow you to trace entering and exiting SOAP requests.

What is WSDL?

WSDL (Web Services Description Language) is an XML based language describing Web Services. It states the methods which may be called, their signatures and the access points of the service (URL, port).

What should be done with WSDL files?

Many products and tools use WSDL files automatically, to generate the source code of the client part required to call the Web Services described in the files.

How can I obtain the WSDL files relating to ViaMichelin SOAP API?

A WSDL file has been defined for each VIAMICHELIN SOAP API Service. These files are available in the SDK (ViaMichelin_WS_SDK\Ressources\WSDL) and online at the following URLs:

With which programming language can I call ViaMichelin SOAP API?

ViaMichelin SOAP API have been designed to be called with all programming languages able to send SOAP requests through HTTP. By now, we have tested access to our Web Services with Java (associated with AXIS) and VB.Net.

What is WGS84?

WGS84 (World Geodetic System 1984) is the most commonly used system of geographical co-ordinates (longitude and latitude).

How are client POIs imported and managed in ViaMichelin databases?

ViaMichelin provides its paying clients with the tools required to import and manage their own POI in ViaMichelin databases.